Jesse Mitchell

Jesse Mitchell

So last night was a pretty big night for me. 

The little cutie I've been dating for the better part of the last two years said yes.

As far as any specifics go, I'll leave that for a later blog (with a TON of pictures people captured). This blog is all about how I let her know last night was the night. 

A little background:

Both Janice and I are kind of jumpy when it comes to commitment. So early on when we were trying to decide what "our song" should be, I was still working nights on Radio Now. One of the features I used to do was a new music feature called "Now or Never," and one night I played a song from Andy Grammer called "Fine By Me." There was no discussion... it just kind of fit.

Well when it came time to pop the question, there was always one standing request from my lady... "Make sure I'm wearing something cute."

So just as she was getting out of work, her coworkers (Thanks, Kara Navin) played this little video I came up with. Wait for the surprise at the very end. 


... and it got even better when we got this video from Chris Wallace!

It was a pretty great evening. Thanks so much to Andy, Chris, and so many other friends and family for helping to make last night such a special evening. 


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