97-3 Radio Now FAQ



Where are your offices? Our offices are located at 12100 W. Howard Avenue, Greenfield, WI 53228. For directions click here.
How often can I enter contests? As much as you like, but only one winner per household every 30 days.
Where can I get a copy of your official contest rules? There are several ways you can get these. You can pick them up at our studios during normal business hours. They are also available by mail, simply send us a S.A.S.E. and letter of request to our address (listed below).
How do I get a T-Shirt? There are many, many ways to get free stuff (including t-shirts) from 97-3 NOW. Two of the best ways are to listen to the station for where the DJs are gonna be or check our list of events. Then just show up. That leads us into our next question...
I want to work for free. How do I become a 97.3 Radio Now Intern? You can send your resume with a cover letter to Hannah Kultgen, our On the Streets Promotions Manager.
What is the station's mailing address? 97-3 NOW
12100 W. Howard Avenue
Greenfield, WI 53228
What is the number for the contest line? 414-799-1973
Why isn't my question on this list? Because you haven't asked us enough, but you can email us by clicking here.